How many years have you worked with children?

11 years

What brought you to work with children and families?

Working with children was not in my Career Path. With a master's degree in business and an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, my career focused on re-organizing and restructuring organizations and corporations. At the start of my career journey at Sammie Gail Sanders Children's Learning Center as the Program Supervisor, I immediately noticed a need for Organizational Structure. At that point, I fell in love with all of the kiddos at Sammie Gail Sanders. As the Director, I know every child by name and the program has become my "baby". I love what I do!

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies include family trips and vacations, reading, and home decorating

What is your most treasured accomplishment?

My 3 beautiful, smart, and intelligent sons are my most treasured accomplishments.

What is your favorite thing about working with children?

The joy of watching them achieve their goals and overcoming intellectual and developmental barriers.

What has been the most significant or memorable moment in your job?

Our "miracle child" did not walk, talk, or feed herself at 1 year of age. Three years later, she is a vibrant 4 year old who runs with the other chldren on the playground, she is no longer fed through a g-tube and is now able to sit at the table with her friends and eat without any assistance. She talks, laughs, and can fully participate in all activities without assistance.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations you want to share?

I aspire to change the value of life for every child at Sammie Gail Sanders Children's Learning Center.

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Wellness Corner

National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month! You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the week and that can be backed up by research! Science has shown that the more filling and satiating your breakfast is, the better your food choices will be throughout the day. 

So what should our breakfast look like? In the simplest form, our food is made up of three macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The best breakfast we can build for ourselves should contain all three macronutrients. Some good protein options could be eggs, ham, yogurt, or a protein powder. Carbohydrates can be found in fruit, oatmeal, potatoes, or whole grain breads. Light cream cheese, nut butter, butter, or olive oil are some great ways to add in some deliciousness and healthy fats. Also, adding in fresh fruits and veggies are always a great idea. This is the foundation for a great start to the day for adults and children alike! 

Looking for more ideas for children and nutrition? Check out one of our favorite blogs at Kids Eat in Color for more recipes and information. 

Reach out to Jessica Moreland at for more information on the infant and child nutrition training sessions that we offer at Curricula Concepts. 

Calling all Early Childhood Educator Directors! 

Are you gearing up for summer trainings or planning back-to-school in-services for your staff? Look no further!

Curricula Concepts is your go-to destination for professional development focused on family engagement and health and wellness. Our expert team offers interactive training sessions, innovative approaches, and practical strategies to empower your staff. Our trainings will help create meaningful connections with families and promote health and wellness for staff, families, and children!

Visit to learn more and schedule your professional development today! 

Child Care Provider Call

Please see the OEC (Office of Early Childhood) provider notes below and the meeting video link.

Meeting Video (Scroll down and click on March 5, 2024 - Child Care Provider Call)

OEC Staff Directory

  • LEARNS Act Updates (Tonya Williams)

    • Local Leads (1st cohort) 

      • OEC has funded the first 12 local leads (33 of 75 counties).

      • The local leads have submitted plans and completed a child count

      • The next cohort of local leads will be announced soon.

      • All programs who take public funds must participate with their local leads.

      • Visit to learn more about local leads: HERE

    • CLASS Tool

      • Page 131 of LEARS Act provides information about the CLASS pilot requirements.

      • The 24-25 school year will the first pilot learning year for the CLASS tool and the results of the tool will do no harm to programs.

      • Head Start is already using this tool and is required by federal performance standards. Reach out to Head Start colleagues to learn more about the tool.

      • Participating in the CLASS Pilot for the 2024-2025 program year will not impact ABC or CCDF funding.

  • Danita Pitts

    • Projects to Support Children with Unique Learning Needs

      • Arkansas Early Childhood Pyramid Model Project

      • To learn more and/or apply visit: HERE

  • AHSA Institute Jackie Govan

    • 2024 Arkansas Head Start Association/ Head Start State Collaboration Office Institute April 30-May 3, 2024 DoubleTree Hotel/Robinson Center,  424 West Markham, Little Rock, Arkansas 

    • AHSA Institute Website

Next Child Care Provider Call: April 2, 2024 at 12:00 pm

AAIMH Monthly Webinar

Thursday, March 28, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 pm

The Effects of Overdose and Fentanyl Deaths on Families and Communities in Arkansas

This webinar will focus on the impact of overdoses, particularly with the opioid epidemic. Resources will be shared including grief support, supportive agencies/organizations, substance use disorders, and suicide prevention.

Staci James

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Attendance is limited! Register and log on early to reserve your spot!

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